The company

Our Mission

The management of Anan Fabrication Company is committed to provide customers with the best quality products and services in the above mentioned fields of operation. Our mission is to ensure total satisfaction of our customers through continual improvement of our services dedicated in achieving and maintaining excellence in all aspects of our activities. Thus, we recognize and accept the responsibility to: Meet and exceed our clients’ expectations the first time and every time. Control the hazards and risks posed by our activities and operations to our employees, clients, visitors and other third parties. Operate without causing any adverse impact to the environment. Ensure total customer satisfaction by providing best quality products and services along with the efficient and timely delivery of the same. Streamline and continuously improve our processes in order to meet and exceed our clients’ requirements. Train our employees so as to equip them with the necessary tools to perform their tasks safely, efficiently and competently. Comply with all applicable legal requirements and improve our occupational health and safety performance by providing a safe and secure work environment to our employees, clients and other third parties through the control of hazards and risks. Protect the environment and that of the communities where we work by preventing pollution, controlling adverse environmental impacts and adhering to the legal and other requirements that relate to our environmental aspects.


Our Philosophy is based on Total Clients Satisfaction by exceeding our client’s requirements the First Time and Every Time, and to achieve this we implemented the principles of Total Quality Management. (TQM). Our Philosophy is based on the Principles of. Commitment, Loyalty, Integrity, Excellence, and Time Oriented.

Core Values

  • Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Safety
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Value- diversity
  • Long- term relationship
  • Good work environment


Anan Fabrication Company responds as a team. We are an assembly of highly skilled individuals with demonstrated experience, who are willing to make a total commitment and total contribution to the success of the company. Our main resource and greatest assets is our key people

Our Specialties

  • Proven track record of 500+ more successful projects.
  • Detailed engineering and procurement support.
  • Guarantee successful project implementation.
  • Quality workable designs.
  • Skilled workforce with excellent craftsmanship
  • Perfect utilization of space.
  • Value for and customer relationship.
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Company Policies

Quality Policy

The top Management Anan Fabrication Company has a declared commitment to achieve business excellence by combining good quality management in all its activities and at all level of the organization In Order to achieve this commitment management has set the following objectives to, · Comply with specified contractual requirements. · Ensure that our service is cost effective reliable, high quality and is delivered on time. · Continuously strive for improvement, through a continues review and improvement of the system effectiveness · Importing training to staff to improve their technical skills and upgrade their knowledge. · A professional approach to customer interface is maintained at all times. · Any complaints are dealt with efficiently and within an acceptable time period

Safety Policy

It is the policy of Anan Fabrication to conduct all its operations in such a way as to provide a safe and healthy working environment so as to protect its employees, the sub-contractors, the general public and others from injury or ill health arising from our operations wherever they may be located both at the worksite and offsite camps, and workshops etc. We believe in "Zero Accident Policy" and consider this policy as one of our targets. In brief we pursue the following objectives to attain our requirements: - · Suitable protective clothing and equipment · Safe construction methods and practices · Well maintained plant and equipment. · Regular medical checkups · Ensuring safety awareness by all personnel. · Ensuring environmental issues are addressed. · Conduct site safety inspection to insure safety compliance.